Best Smartwatches for Kids with Dual Camera Lbs Positioning

This device serves as a good companion for learning as kids can learn play and improve their skills with add and subtract arithmetic learning function. Best smartwatches for kids have an LBS base station supporting dual keys like switch key and dial key. This finest quality watch has an anti-usage property as this device is forbidden in class so that the child can study without any hindrance making it a super quality watch. It all adds up to a high quality as this watch supports a button for SOS help. One button to send the SIS signal, if the child falls prey to any danger, enabling them to send the SOS message and make a call to their parents.
Product Features:
⦁    APP system requirements: Android 4.0 or more, IOS 8.0 or more
⦁    Card specifications: SIM card (Micro SIM card, support mobile Unicom 2G )
⦁    Battery: Environmentally friendly 400 mAh polymer battery
⦁    Standby time: Normal standby time 1-3 days
⦁    Charging: 2.0 USB charging and magnetic charging(for waterproof)
⦁    Positioning system: LBS base station
⦁    Key: Switch key + dial key
⦁    Weight: 45g
⦁    Appearance: scratch-resistant tempered glass, color plating effect
⦁    Motherboard Memory: ROM + RAM / 32 Mbit + 32 Mbit

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