Learn arts, and dialogue education at Arts & Entertainment M

You can reach Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM) on +1-310-474-7671 to learning arts, and dialogue education for people struggling with the difficulties of combining faith and art. 

Not only cutting-edge artists and creative professionals are included in this incredible experience of worldviews, faith, and art, but also educators such as college professors and clergy who minister to and pastor artists.

The goal of the Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM)

Artists are looking to Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM) to discover practical concepts and examples of how to embrace their faith without sacrificing their work, while there has previously been a shortage of resources for artists who take their faith seriously. They can express themselves through their creativity without sacrificing their devotion.

Artist Forums program by the AEM


Artist Forums program is Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM) quarterly informational meetings open to alumni gatherings, guests who want to learn more about the AEM, in Los Angeles, California. Only AEI Alumni and friends are invited to these gatherings.


Lectures and conversations on the practical application of a Christian worldview to visual art, music, performing art, and all kinds of film and media are part of these forums. AEM supports the local Los Angeles and Hollywood communities by encouraging, praying for, and discussing relevant topics that artists and creative professionals encounter in their creative process, professional jobs, and spiritual lives through these bi-monthly AEM Alumni sessions. 


Contact for learning arts, and dialogue education at Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM)



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