Invalidity Search

The detailed and comprehensive Invalidity search report enables clients for highly sensitive litigation, opposition, and patent acquisition cases where a high-definition claim chart is required to ease the attorney’s efforts. Before going for any invalidity search, we analyze the subject patent case in-depth using litigation/ opposition documents (if any), file wrapper, etc. to build a sound understanding of the case. We categorize the identified references into three categories “X”, “Y” & “A”.

  • X Category: Novelty or Inventiveness in one reference.
  • Y Category: lack of Novelty or Inventiveness in one document; hence, two or more references are identified to generate a claim chart. We follow KSR rationale to combine two references.
  • A category: This category references are background art that neither discloses any novelty nor inventiveness.

A feature matrix is generated for each feature, enabling attorneys to have a quick walk-through of features that are fully supported, partially supported, inferentially supported, and not supported. Below are the strategies applied during Invalidity searches.

Why is Patent Invalidation Study Imperative?

· To invalidate the claims of a patent through a prior art search.

· To assess the validity of an established patent.

· To check the potency of a granted patent.

Why Ingenious for Invalidation Search?

· We perform an exhaustive patent search by employing robust analysis tools.

· We include all the relevant references that target innovation and non-obviousness.

· We offer multiple native language search options for our global clients.

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