Use Led Exit Signs For Commercial Places

LED Exit Signs are one of the biggest concerns for any commercial and residential settlements. In the past, incandescent lit bulbs were used, which were inefficient as well as less safe than the exit signs. One of the biggest concerns with the LED exit signs is their ability to last longer than incandescent bulbs despite the limited battery backup. Even if the grid fails, these lights will still work fine. At LEDMyPlace exit signs are available in red and green in 3-watt, 3.5-watt, and 4-watt capacity.

Features of LED Exit Signs are:

  • Light in weight
  • Doesn't fell down after the proper installation
  • Operates on low energy
  • Wide beam angle
  • Bright light shade
  • Operational temperature 0 - 40
  • Emergency lights come with the longer battery light
  • Fire resistance
  • Easy to install, operate and wire

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