Swap Headers 5.0 Ford Coyote – Universal Fit

Area/Neighbourhood: Hobe Sound

Swap Headers for 5.0 Ford Coyote – Universal Fit

These Ultimate Headers’ Swap Headers are designed to make installing a later generation engine into an earlier vehicle a much easier job… with great eye-appeal!

Cast Stainless Steel flanges and the tight radius cast Stainless Steel elbows lets you put large tubes in tight places! The strength of 321 Stainless Steel tubes delivers a stronger, more durable header that is lighter than comparable header designs.

Plus, you get a complete package – headers, bolts, a pair of matching Cometic HTS header and HTS Collector Gaskets (if applicable).

  • First Gen Mustang on Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis
  • F100 with Crown Vic Front End
  • Many other as well – Call for more info


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