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Raccoon repellants are very important for households that are located in and around neighborhoods that have a lot of greenery and parks. These rodents tend to burrow houses on the grounds as well as live in the branches of the trees to eat all the fruits and ripe vegetables. During the change of seasons, they make their way into the residential property to feed on garbage in trash cans too.

This can become extremely frustrating and also spread a lot of diseases as raccoons and rodents spread a lot of diseases too. A lot of people want to save money and choose homemade remedies and DIYs to prevent these rodents. Here are a few reasons why home remedies and DIY techniques don’t really work on the prevention of raccoons and other smaller rodents in the house or even in the residential complex and property –

DIY remedies become ineffective quickly

The worst part about DIY recipes and remedies from the kitchen is that they become ineffective quick. The rodents and raccoons make their way into the property within a couple of days which makes the entire process quick redundant.

With a professional critter control California installation, you can prevent raccoons and rodents from entering the property easily. You won’t have to worry about the rodents showing up within a

Too much effort involved

For DIY techniques, too much effort is involved in the entire process of setting up the ingredients and the critter repellent right from the ingredients and raw materials to the entire setup of the items. This requires too much time to source the ingredients too and just because they are cheaper, a lot of people prefer doing this instead.

As compared to directly purchasing a raccoon repellent for the house, the process of setting up DIY processes is way too extensive and ineffective as compared to professional critter repellants like Critter Pricker.

Not as cost-effective as it seems

A lot of people are under the impression that just because the ingredients and raw materials needed for the DIY raccoon repellent are cheap, the entire process is cheap in itself. However, when you take into consideration the time and effort that goes into setting up the homemade raccoon and rodent repellents, it is not the most cost-effective solution!

The items tend to go redundant very quickly too and are rendered useless very quickly too. The raccoon poop, fruit droppings as well as other items such as trash and spread out garbage start coming through very quickly.

 If you want to prevent raccoons, rats, mongoose, and other rodents from entering your property, invest in a high-quality repellent such as the Critter Pricker. This guarantees the prevention of rodents from the property for longer periods.


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