What is Law Tigers

Law Tigers stands as a distinguished network of local motorcycle accident lawyers, deeply committed to securing just compensation for injured riders. With a rich history spanning over two decades, this organization has played a crucial role in offering legal support to riders and their families grappling with the aftermath of motorcycle accidents.

Founded in 2001 by Warren and his son Ari, both avid riders, Law Tigers was born out of a recognition of the unique legal challenges faced by motorcycle victims. Their shared passion for riding has propelled Law Tigers into becoming a nationally recognized brand, extending its services to riders throughout the entire country.

The suite of services provided by Law Tigers encompasses free consultations, legal counsel, and seasoned representation. Operating on a contingency basis ensures that there are no upfront charges; legal fees are only incurred upon the successful resolution of a case. This approach empowers riders to concentrate on their recovery while Law Tigers takes on the daunting task of battling insurance companies on their behalf.

Acknowledging the profound impact of motorcycle accidents, Law Tigers is dedicated to securing equitable compensation for riders contending with life-altering injuries. Beyond the realm of legal aid, the organization actively engages in community outreach, offering free resources and support on a national scale. Their commitment transcends mere legal advocacy; they are integral members of the motorcycle community, standing alongside riders and their families as they navigate the challenging aftermath of accidents. Essentially, Law Tigers isn't just a legal ally – they are a riding companion, ready and willing to provide the essential support and legal expertise precisely when it's needed most.


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