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ACADRU is a learning platform which gives access to multi-disciplinary online learning modules on unique topics to create variety of careers aligned with the users passion and challenges of the future.

·  A Learning Module is a collection of the best of blogs, videos, and journals from credible & reputed sources such as New Yorker, Wired, HBR, NASA, Fast Company, etc. stitched together through a compelling narrative

·  Mini Projects are part of every learning module for better understanding and gaining hands-on experience on the topic.

·  Exposure to subject areas that students have little to no understanding of in mainstream education. In some cases, practical applications of mainstream subjects are also highlighted.

· Profile/CV building activities will help students and professionals to build job skills for today and the future.

·  It is a discovery platform for national & international competitions and free online courses of EDX, Coursera and other reputed learning sites.


Who ALL will benefit from the platform?

·         High School Students

·         College students

·         Professionals looking for jobs

·         Professionals looking for a possible career shift

·         Back-to-work professionals


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