A breakthrough revenue opportunity awaits you with moLotus

Area/Neighbourhood: Boston, Massachusetts, Usa

The next generation of telcos will be defined by leaders who act now, seize untapped revenue opportunities using real mobile advertising and breakthrough transformation. moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform and technology, designed and developed by Novosol - a global mobile technology company offers a big revenue opportunity for telcos & advertisers.

The unique platform creates hyper-personalized, customized, interactive, globally scalable and automated mobile advertising campaigns delivering value to a massive customer base. No app, no data plans required!

Quick revenues are more achievable for telcos with moLotus breakthrough transformation unifying mobile technology to customer processes. moLotus simplifies customer processes, infusing more customer acquisition, conversion, loyalty and retention. Telcos are experiencing an uplift in ARPU from 2 to 4% and reduction in outbound costs including telemarketing, training, printing, distribution, compliance, etc. by 30% using moLotus.

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