High Stream Gear

Area/Neighbourhood: 24330 John R Rd, Pmb 3361, Hazel Park

HSG specializes in hiking poles for the whole family, ladies, men, girls, and boys, both professionals and amateurs.
HSG was born out of the experience of two parents hiking together with their kids very frequently, experiencing how it can be tough when you are traveling without the correct equipment. One of these trips triggered the idea to set out and create a brand of safe and effective products specifically for each member of the family.
At HSG we are proud of the collection of products we've designed, knowing that we can help bring the right sizes, designs and weight of compatible hiking poles to make everyone satisfied while keeping them stylish. 

Business Address: 24330 John R Rd, PMB 3361, Hazel Park, MI, USA

Business Zipcode: 48030
Business Phone: +1 (586) 209 2970
Years in Business: 4    

Service offered: Carbon fiber telescopic hiking poles
Area served: USA, Canada

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