Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions (IEBS) is going to attend the world’s largest techno-economical trade fair “Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe and Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe”, which is scheduled to be held on October 19—20, 2022 at Messe Bremen, Germany.  So far, over 335 companies have enrolled to exhibit at the two-day International event. To make it a big success, more than 165 renowned business personalities will appear at the event to share their thoughts about the emerging technologies dedicated to environmental conservation in front of 5,000 attendants.

What Is The Key Purpose Behind Organizing This Expo?

The Carbon Capture Technology and Hydrogen Technology Expo will bring all the leading engineering industries, renewable & non-renewable energy firms, fuel cell manufacturers and suppliers, heavy industry, chemical companies, NGOs & research institutes, consultants, government bodies, and various manufacturing organizations under one roof. The key objective behind organizing this gigantic trade fair is to let the world explore innovative carbon-removal and hydrogen fuel cell technologies and find pragmatic solutions to effectively deploy and commercialize these technologies.

How Will This Gigantic Event Contribute To Creating New Avenues For Both Exhibitors & Attendees?

Apart from gaining hands-on experience with the carbon capture and hydrogen fuel-related novel tools & technologies to be exhibited at the event, the audience can brainstorm & generate more novel invention ideas from the accessible technologies and grow professionally by networking with the representatives of related industries. Moreover, the exhibitors can grab an opportunity to seek funding from prominent investors and stakeholders by demonstrating their inventions at the exhibition mall.

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Carbon Capture Technology Expo Aims To Enhance The Transition Towards Negative Carbon Emissions

A rapid increase in CO2 levels has been witnessed in the Earth’s atmosphere throughout the industrialization era. Dealing with this troublesome global challenge of global warming requires swift action and various industrial sectors are ardent to adopt novel technologies to meet net-zero emission targets. As per the research conducted by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and IEA (International Energy Agency), carbon capture is a vital approach in the global battle to combat climate change. At Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe, the speakers and exhibitors will discuss the burgeoning role and latest advancements in Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS) to procure a net-zero carbon economy.

Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe Aims To Discover Technologies & Solutions For A Low-Carbon Hydrogen Future

Owing to a few yet considerable economic and technical challenges, we are unable to safely use hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy fuel. However, these issues need to be rectified before introducing hydrogen-fueled automotives into the market. The universal aim of all nations is to mitigate carbon emissions. Considering the global objective, Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe will focus on novel technological developments to combat these technical challenges and commercialize hydrogen as a power source for stationary & mobile applications. This event will act as a robust platform for the entire supply chain to discuss everything related to hydrogen extraction, utilization, storage, and infrastructure development.

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