The Long Game Is The Thinker's Game

A picture is worth a thousand words if you take it for yourself. I find it troubling that I haven't had any insurance settle me out of court yet for the conspiracies of mentally ill the album. I'm good enough to be a good gangsta singing the best of them all. Only my parts have only gotten me from 10 to 100 in seconds per part of the song within reference to the aftermath of 10 seconds being another song, to begin with. There is a lot of double wording I've come up with since writing and the discovery of $200 outsiders doing the work for me. It hurts so bad in my teeth. I know they are sending me back to the dentist. I need braces but know I need a retainer already and they will only lead me on to a tour position at this point in the game. Mac Miller has better benefits and I need to get on that one right now. They offer the best in benefits I've seen yet the drug scene and dying off from it isn't cool at all.

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