Jet Fuel Exporter & Importer & Wholesale

Jet fuel, also known as aviation turbine fuel (ATF), is a type of highly refined and specialized fuel used in aircrafts. This specialized fuel is crucial for the aviation industry as it is the primary source of energy for jet engines. With the increasing demand for air travel and the growth of the aviation industry, the need for jet fuel has also risen. This has led to the emergence of jet fuel exporters, importers, and wholesalers, who play a crucial role in the global trade of this essential commodity.

The global trade of jet fuel is also facilitated by wholesalers who act as intermediaries between the exporters and importers. These wholesalers purchase jet fuel in bulk from exporters at a discounted price and then sell it to various airlines and airports at a competitive rate. This helps in reducing the cost of jet fuel for airlines and ensures a steady supply of fuel for their operations.

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