Should I choose Flutter for Mobile App Development Project?

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Flutter for mobile app development - is an app development framework developed by Google and community and mainly it helps developers to develop a cross-platform application using Google's Dart programming language. You can develop Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux applications using Flutter. Flutter’s popularity increasing is evident. The fact about Flutter is in the top 20 software sources among GitHub’s. It accomplished this accomplishment within just a few months of its first release. Flutter initially release in May 2017 and then recently the stable version of Flutter is released on September 9, 2019.

As a leading web and mobile app development company XcelTec provides a one-stop solution for Flutter App Development. If you are in a hunt of the same requirement – XcelTec is the right choice for you.

Some Benefits of Flutter:

1.      Solo codebase

2.      Dart as a programming language

3.      Usage of customizable widgets

4.      Provide Native themes for iOS/Android

5.      Stateful hot reload

6.      Countless packages and wide-ranging community

7.      Strong design experience

8.      Supports a variety of IDEs

9.      Cool animations

10.  Create apps for mobile, desktop and the web

Services We Serve in Flutter:

•        Flutter app for Android

•        Flutter app for iOS

•        Flutter app for Windows

•        Flutter App for Linux

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