Mold Inspection Fairview Nc

Since 2001 Affordable Inspections Inc. has performed over 20,000 inspections in Western North Carolina. Our chief inspector and operations manager, Austin Boleman, has more than 35 years’ experience building and inspecting homes. Our senior inspectors enjoy the distinction of being nationally Certified Master Inspectors, a coveted honor. All of our inspectors must have a minimum of two years supervised experience before we consider them qualified to perform an inspection.

Along with our comprehensive Home Inspection, we also offer the following services, most of which can be done at the same time as the inspection:
Radon Testing
We are certified by the National Environmental Health Association to test for radon. We use electronic monitors, so that results are available in 48 hours, along with printed and charted hourly readings. We are also certified to provide consulting and mitigation work should the radon levels test high.

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