Columbus Grease Trap Cleaning


Columbus Grease Trap Cleaning is a cleaning company specialized in cleaning and disinfecting grease interceptor and grease traps. As a company, we have been rendering specialized cleaning services to the foodservice industry. Importantly, our years of experience have made us the to-go-to cleaning services providers for businesses looking for professional grease trap cleaning services.Not only do we render quality services, but we are also renowned for our reliability, faithfully servicing Columbus, Ohio businesses for years. We are well equipped to handle any project, from cleaning in small low-volume operations to large high-volume operations. With 20 trucks of different sizes, we can match our customers’ space and volume requirements with ease.Our scheduled grease trap cleaning services include grease trap cleaning and grease trap pumping, which ensures you are left with a clean grease trap system. We schedule the cleaning at your most convenient time, resulting in the least impact on your business operations.

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