Professional Deck Cleaning Services Montgomery County PA


Many homeowners have decks made of pressure-treated wood on their properties, while others have features made of vinyl, composite, or even aluminum. Regardless of the material that your deck is made of, you need to make sure that it is maintained well.

Did you know that most pressure-treated lumber is generally treated with a specific chemical that protects it from decay and rot and wood-eating insects like termites, etc.?

However, that same pressure-treating process also makes wood surfaces more porous and, as a result, more susceptible to different types of moisture damage. Many of these decks collect various contaminants much faster than the flat surfaces around your home.

All decks require routine cleaning and maintenance over time, even composite decks. Dirt, mold, and algae build up over time. Different kinds of wood require different methods of cleaning. Clear Choice offers professional deck power washing services in Montgomery County PA and Bucks County PA.

Why Hire Professional Deck Cleaning Services?

This is the reason why decking tends to be one of the dirtiest surfaces in the outdoor spaces of a property. The best way to make sure that your deck retains its condition and appearance is to make sure you clean it with regularity. But this isn't a job you can manage yourself for too long. It can take time and effort to keep your deck looking clean at all times, and this is where the services of a professional deck cleaning company like ours come into the picture.

We are a leading company in this industry and have been offering high-grade professional power washing services to clients for over 25 years. Our team of experts can handle the cleaning of vinyl, composite, and wooden decks. While the runoff from your roofs brings contaminants to the deck’s surfaces, we use appropriate and safe pressure to wash them away.

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