Buy Bully Stick for dogs According to Size

Dogs with more robust jaws could have much less trouble breaking down a bully stick - some need less than an hour. The key's to shop for the scale and shape of bully stick suitable to the scale and power of your dog.
A Large or large breed canine, or a particularly powerful chewer, should be fed a higher sized bully persist with making sure that the bully stick will final an extended time frame. A small, medium breed or senior pet would possibly best require a thin bully to persist with occupying them for several hours and even days.
The shape of the bully stick may also affect how briskly it's eaten. If the canine cant gets its jaw totally around the bully stick on account of the form, then it is going to take them longer to damage it down. Extra thick, braided, or curly pizzle sticks are examples of harder shapes

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