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If you are considering installing foam board insulation or continuous insulation products in your home or office, it can be the most efficient insulation you can choose. It offers superior r-values from R-4 to R-8 per inch of thickness, which is nearly triple the insulation value of fiberglass.

The r-value shows the strength of the insulation to the temperature surge, and the greater the r-value, the higher the performance of the insulation. Even though one form of insulation is denser than another form of insulation, they will insulate equally if the r-value is identical. Interestingly, one inch of insulation is equivalent to thirty inches of concrete.

There are 3 kinds of continuous insulation products available. Polystyrene, which is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic used to make items like cooler tops. Polyisocyanurate, a form of plastic that includes a low-conductivity gas. Polyurethane, a closed-cell polymer that also comprises a low-conductivity gas. You can install continuous insulation products by adding it directly to walls using an adhesive to hold it in place.

Nevertheless, you would need to protect it with fireproof paneling or drywall if you are using this method. Continuous insulation products are generally set between the exterior finish of the building and the outside wall studs. You should firmly set up rigid insulation boards and cover the gaps with the caulk; this will keep the air out of the home or office.

Doing this right from the beginning will avoid possible mold issues. Insects are another issue you would want to address when building foam board insulation. Insects don't consume this material, but they will burrow into it. It's advisable to find out if your continuous insulation manufacturer has treated them with an insecticide.

When you are ready to cut your continuous insulation products, it is best to use a small hand saw, and never leave your insulation out in the sun before you use it. The sun can have a negative effect on the R-value, which will reduce the insulation's effectiveness. It is always a smart practice to leave the insulation sealed before use, as all continuous insulation products will absorb water vapor.

As we all recognize, adding insulation to our homes or offices will surely save us money and energy. At the same time, you can benefit the ecosystem by restricting the use of non-renewable energy.

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