Embrace new moLotus technology for innovative & hate-free ad

Area/Neighbourhood: Houston, Texas, Usa

Spending huge chunks of your advertising budgets on social media ads? Now you need not be bothered by the hateful conversations and misinformation prevalent on social media platforms such as Facebook with moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform disrupting USD 1.7 trillion Global Marketing Spend (Source: PwC). moLotus is the only breakthrough technology that is completely spam-free, catches customer attention quickly, enables almost zero-cost customer interaction, and ensures rapid advertising revenues in just 3 months. Unlike social media platforms moLotus offers no misleading or hateful content.

The new technology and platform offer direct delivery of rich media messages to the customer's mobile inbox with a unique brand number, without any app download or an active data connection.

moLotus mobile video advertising has surpassed social media advertising, with its powerful capabilities - hyper-personalization, customization, extensive reach, scalability, easy interactivity, automation, integration and more.

Designed and developed by Novosol - an innovation driven mobile tech company - moLotus is partnering with telcos and assisting brands in promoting, generating leads, selling, automating customer-related processes, engaging customers, uplifting ARPU and maximizing customer lifetime value. Contact us today to explore how we can work together to help you.

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