Led Corn Bulb 100w- Best Suitable Lighting For Damp Location

Area/Neighbourhood: 2900, Fern Valley Rd, Louisville Ky 40213, Usa

Get up to 30% discount on LED Corn Bulb 100W from LEDMyplace.com. Best suitable lighting fixture for outdoor and damp locations. This 100W lighting product directly replaces 400W metal halide lighting fixtures. The price of this product is $73.99/- only.

Learn more about LED Corn Bulb 100W:

  • With a beam angle of 360°, it lightens the entire area

  • The operational life of this fixture is more than 50,000 hours

  • This fixture offers high luminosity which improves the brightness level of lighting

  • With an internal heat sink feature, the fixture remains cool even after a long operational hours

  • Throughout its lifespan it rarely requires maintenance

To get more information about LED Corn Bulb 100W, visit our online store LEDMypace.com. Get 30 days return policy and free shipping on eligible orders.

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