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Laxmi Sat Isabgol a brand known by its name in providing the best Psyllium Husk is manufactured by Giriraj Enterprise, a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Sat Isabgol in India and all over the world.
With unmatched quality and values, our products are beyond competition. We believe in manufacturing products with the finest features and profits towards health. For us, the total satisfaction of customers is the topmost priority.
Our products are 100% organic and developed to give the best health benefits to its consumers thus the superior quality of Isabgol is kept in mind while manufacturing. We believe health comes first, so we do not compromise with the standard of our commodities. And follow strict national and international regulations while making Isabgol, available at the best price.

Our infrastructure and our human resources work with the latest technology and constantly evolve themselves according to the needs of customers. These both are the greatest strength of Giriraj Enterprise that helps in delivering the top quality products and maintain its brand image worldwide. While manufacturing our products, they undergo stringent processes of testing and verifications so that the premium standard of Psyllium is delivered into the market, and our clients are satisfied with our products.

Natural Isabgol is a powerful detoxifying herb and contains powerful antioxidants that can stimulate your metabolism to fight off disease and illness. It can help reduce stress, improve your sleep, increase your energy and promote weight loss. With all these benefits it is no wonder that it is being used for thousands of years by the Indians, Chinese, Koreans, and others. This article will explain Natural Isabgol, how it works, and how you can get the benefits of this powerful herb-Isabgol in your own home for little or no cost.

What is Isabgol? It is a plant medicine often used in alternative medicine. It has been used for centuries as a liver cleansing agent. The primary ingredients are dried silica (iwo) seeds, white mulberry leaf, wolfberries, mung beans, ginger root, and the potent natural ingredient, isabegol.

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