Micro - Craft Beer brewery

Price: VND 250,000

Brau-Konzept GmbH has been manufacturing micro / craft beer breweries worldwide for 28 years.


1.       We offer complete solutions.

2.       1. Complete plant with installation, commissioning, brewing training, recipes.

3.       2. Conception and business plan for gastronomy.

4.       3. Interim operator for 3 to 12 months with management and brewmaster

5.       4. Plant in every size from Germany

6.       5. Experience with over 100 installed systems worldwide.

7.       6. Warranty and maintenance


The small brewery started over 25 years ago in England, Germany and the US and has been unstoppable ever since. But what makes our microbreweries so successful? The novelty of microbreweries lies in the outstanding final product - our beer. In contrast to beer, which is produced by the factory in large breweries, it is fresher and unfiltered. It is tasty, healthy and rich in vitamins.

Our beer is made on a purely biological and natural basis and brewed according to the German Purity Law of the year 1516: that means, only water, malt, hops and yeast are allowed as ingredients. With a small brewery, e. g. in a pub or restaurant, the old craftsmanship is revived. Your guests will gain a very special experience, since they can witness the process of brewing at close quarters.

The experience of brewing beer and your own individual beer brand creates a strong bond to your own brewery and your local product. The profit for you lies not least in the increase in sales and the profitability of the own production. With our many years of international experience since 1993, we, the Brau-Konzept GmbH, are the competent partner for the overall conception and production of your turnkey microbrewery. Give your guests an unrivaled experience of fresh beers and atmosphere, and see how higher margins and revenue growth, as well as new independence from beer price increases, will positively impact your bottom line.

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