We are still there - even in the Corona crisis!


From Dr. Jagoda Rosul-Gajic

Millions of viewers watch the "Tagesschau", "Today " news, "Anne Will" and many other programs about the Corona crisis every day . Entrepreneurs who are particularly affected by this crisis are often invited to these programs or added online . So do parents and their children. Doctors and nurses are also accompanied in their work. What is striking, however, is that people with a migration background do not seem to exist at all. Not even "the Bosnian nurse" or a "Turkish-born restaurateur" are mentioned. In Munich and Bavaria, in particular, there are many companies that were founded by migrants, and secondlyCompanies that rely on foreign specialists: precisely on people with a migration background. According to the KfW development bank, migrants make an above-average contribution to start-up activities in Germany. They represent 21% of the founders with a population share of 18%, if you look at the average of the years 2013 to 2017. A projected 43% of Munich residents have a migration background. Of these, 60 - 70% of these people now work in nursing in Munich alone. Where are you and how are you in the current crisis?!?

However, when the media report on migrants in the Corona crisis, it still only stereotypically says: "Those who are urgently needed for the asparagus harvest", "Those who do not speak German", "the refugees", "the, who need integration measures ”etc. Or we are shown pictures of“ children from difficult backgrounds ”. These are usually images that reproduce a construct associated with migration, problem, and violence. And what about us who have been successfully part of the whole system for years? The corona crisis affects us all. We migrants also want to be asked how we are and what we can do to tackle this crisis together !


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