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Precio: 1.200 ARS/Por hora
Zona/Barrio: Palermo, Buenos Aires


Guitar, Ukelele, Charango & Piano lessons in Palermo botánico. Online lessons (English or Spanish) via Skype or Zoom platform. 

English spoken - Bilingual teacher

Private guitar, ukelele, charango lessons, left & right hand technique, arrangements, chord progressions, harmony, all kinds of scales and modes.
Repertoire of songs in english and spanish, classical guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, working with scores or tablature.
I’ve been teaching guitar & music for 22 years. I’m also a spanish & english teacher in Buenos Aires. 

Spanish lessons:

We are a couple of bilingual teachers with more than ten years of experience that decided to promote our web site with the main purpose of teaching Spanish to those who are both in Buenos Aires (settled or just visiting the Land of Tango) or worldwide by Skype.

Lessons or Tutorials are planned to give students the essential tools and so to get him/herself into the “real language” needed to carry on –and cope with- all kinds of activities or happenings: going shopping, making phone calls, travelling arround the region, commuting, going out to restaurants, meeting spanish-speaker friends, talking to people in the street, attending tango shows and Milongas, etc.

Homeescasa Studio & Malabia Home Studio

Skype or Zoom platform.

Buenos Aires | Argentina.

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