Premium Quality 160mm circular saw blade Cross Cut

Precio: EUR 3
Zona/Barrio: Etterbeek

160mm X 20mm Bore X 60 teeth X 1.8mm Kerf:

For use in small hand held circular saws ( mains & cordless). Ideal for cross cutting only solid woods ( hard & soft), M.D.F, plywood & chipboard (particle board). It's high number of teeth & negative hook angle ensures a clean process into material, it's thin kerf makes it an ideal candidate for cordless machines & it's H10 carbide ensures a long service life. Suited for processing plastic sheets ( up to 6mm thick), laminated boards, plywood & M.D.F, This blade is only suited for cross cutting timber & board materials, quality of cut : fine. Come & visit us at: ToolsConsumables.Com

Dilip Baumier
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 Dilip Baumier

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