dechenphu lhakhang

Zona/Barrio: Taba T Hanku Lam

Dechenphu lhakhang is located at the north end of Thimphu, capital city of Bhutan. Dechenphu monastery is a sacred home of Gyenyen Jakpa Melan, powerful protective deity of Bhutan. According to the legend, the protective deity Gyenyen Jakpa Melan is believed to have sunk or entered into a rock in front of the lhakhang which is now safeguarded inside a small stupa and has a shape of hill, hence “Thimphu”, Thim (sink) and Phu (hill). 
The one who seeks protection from the powerful deity is believed to be bestowed instantly and hence Dechenphu lhakhang is one of the most visited temple in the country.
Dechenphu lhakhang also houses annual festival which is mainly dedicated to Gyenyen Jakpa Melan. Some of sacred dances performed during the festival include Shazam Cham (dance), Gyenyen Kunchaam and Zhananga Cham. 
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