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              With  JAVIER TORRESAN ,



30 years of international tennis coaching experience, at tennis academies, international schools, colleges,
in Usa , Europe , Australia , Singapore , now in Spain,

providing lessons for those interested in start tennis,training and coaching for those who already play and wish to perfection their technique and game.

Learn the technique following the biomechanics science, respecting the natural body movements applied to tennis , preventing from
injuries, and at the same time to be more efficient on the game,

The physics laws principles didnt change, but the racquet technology evolution makes the game faster, so the physical training and technique for a top performance is a key to adjust to the actual faster game more than ever before,

with the most valuable information after their studies provided by
2 pioneers on tennis physics and sport science, Professor of physics at University of Pennsylvania Dr. Howard Brody, the foremost
scientist of tennis, former ITF and USPTA science advisor, and Vic Braden, Master in Psychology and Tennis coach, together they
develop "Science and Myths of Tennis", and the constant updates on sport science and tennis, which i will expose to you to give you a complete understanding of the tennis physics , with which i guarantee that your tennis will be moving in the right direction.

Tennis is a safe non contact sport , is the perfect sport for a healthy body and healthy mind. Research (Tennis Australia) has indicated
that playing an average one hour of singles tennis is the equivalent of burning 600 caloriesfor men and 420 calories for women.
The National Hearth Foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of continuous physical activity per day for adults and at least 60
minutes for children.
Tennis is the perfect vehicle to achieve this and receive the following health benefits :

* Lower your blood pressure

* Improve your cholesterol levels

* Control your blood sugar levels

* Reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

* Help you maintain a healthy weight

* Help you sleep better and feel better

* AND IT'S FUN !!!

Source : National Hearth Foundation 2007

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