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Pubrica is a major supplier of UK-based, USA-based,Austraila-based and India-based Academic Research publishing, editing and publication assistance facilities. A world pioneer in paper support services for scholarly and science publications, we offer a broad variety of services including academic and professional medical studies, Scientific medical research, Clinical data analysis, Literature review,, Clinical writing, medical Communication and medico-marketing solutions to healthcare/pharmaceutical/food and beverage companies.

We have a team of 200+ professionals, experienced editors in Science, Technology, and Management who work on 170 specializations. Ensure your content is succinct, structured, cohesive, and collated. We guide you through the entire lifecycle for academic, scientific and medical content. We help you with selection, review, preparation, artwork, review, and submission


Pubrica Services:

1.      Medical writing services

2.      Scientific research support services

3.      Scientific editing translation services

4.      Journal publication services

5.      Biostatistical programming services

6.      Scientific communication services

7.      Medical Data Collection Service


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