Veterans football, Kefalonia.

I’d like to start up a veteran football club in Kefalonia.  It would be suitable to anyone over 50. (I’m 61).  I have played local level football only, in my home town, Swansea.  I currently play in an over 60s league in South Wales. I’m a very average standard footballer. (I endure the usual aches and pains of all fellow 60 year olds. Lol!)  
Any level, fitness and age are very welcome.  
I’m just gauging interest atm, but if there is enough interest, I would propose to arrange light games amongst ourselves at the main astroturf pitch in Argostoli once or twice a month.  (I haven’t enquired about the venue yet so not sure of its availability and cost).  I’m guessing we’d have to chip in around €10 for each session. 
If you’re interested, please do let me know- whatever your capabilities or level of contribution.  
Chris Grey. 
Ps- if you’d rather text by sms or WhatsApp, my number is 07813 101681  (UK number) or by email-  [...] 

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