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Precio: 11.250 INR/Trimestral
Zona/Barrio: Dehradun, India

Kanamo Peak trek is the most exotic destination that offers the unique blend of Himalaya’s beauty, and the beauty within, the whole journey of Kanamo peak is not just adventure sort of trek, but it makes one conquer themselves.

It is the most outstanding trek that opens up the view of Kinnaur Lahaul Spiti valley, Kanamo Peak is nestled at an altitude of 19,553 Ft.

While on the way to the Kanamo Peak trek, you will go through the small villages, the Glimpse of Spiti will be there on your way, the way you will go by will give the surprises in each vista.

Kanamo peak is a marvelous trek amongst other, when it’s about trekking in Manali, as Manali has lots of destination for trekking and there is no doubt that each one is mesmerizing, the Himalayas are the boon for India; therefore trekking in India is well- known around the world.

Where Kanamo Peak Trek in Himachal takes you through the Gigantic Mountains and the spectacular view throughout the way will not keep you calm at all; instead, each vista towards Kanamo Peak Trek will excite you to reach the destination.

The fountains that flow downwards and merge with streams throughout the way and the snow-capped mountains, along with the landscape in the whole journey will be beyond one’s imagination.

There are other highlights of Kanamo peak that goes like; the small village Kaza, from where the path heads towards more great destinations.

The whole journey will be pleasing; no doubt it will be a little hard amongst others, as Trekking in Himachal is astonishing so as the Kanamo Peak Trek.

The whole kanamo peak trek package is 11,250/- INR only, and the best time for Kanamo peak is from May to August.

Difficulty Level: Kanamo Peak Trek

One who has an experience of trekking can do it quite easily, but it will be a hard trek for the beginners as the pathway has steeped.

the patches with boulder can create a hurdle for beginners to trek towards Kanamo peak, and it will become a tiring trek, people with a decent fitness can trek to Kanamo Peak.

Kanamo Peak Trek could be the most magnificent and incredible journey for the trekkers amongst all the Manali Trekking destinations, but again the difficulty is still there as the pathway will not be very accessible for the beginners to walk, and higher altitude climb can make it an arduous trek for the trekkers.

Is it suitable for children?

No, the trek is not favorable for children, as the difficulty level is higher than average.

Is it a good option for first time trekkers /or families?

Somehow, this Himalayan trek is graded as the moderate trek so it is not a wise choice to take the family to this trek through first-timers can go just in case they have the ability to not giving up, and maintain a decent fitness also, as the Kanamo Peak Trek has tricky patches, and a well-planned kanamo peak itinerary will make it less tiring for the trekkers.

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