Natural Glowing Skin Using The Herbal Product


Our skin is the largest organ of the body, which differs from person to person and differs depending on the part of the body it covers too. Most of us treat our facial skin and our body skin as the same and hence use the same products on our body and face. Majority of us use the same soap on our body and face. We should first understand that our body skin and facial skin are different in many ways, hence it has to be taken care differently.

The body skin is thicker than our facial skin and is drier too. The facial skin being thinner, wrinkles faster than our body skin. Our face needs special care in comparison to our body because it is very sensitive and delicate especially around the eyes, nose and mouth. The face tends to produce more oil than our body hence it is  prone to blemishes, acne, pigmentation and so on. Since the face often comes in contact with our hair, dandruff from hair also affects the facial skin The face is more exposed to external factors like the UV rays, pollution, dust etc.

Since our face requires gentle care, it is essential to use the right skincare products. We  cannot use our body lotion on our face right?. Soap and facewash will help in cleaning our face but there is a difference! Soap has high ph levels and is hence more harsh, whereas a face wash is gentle on our skin. Facial skin is again of different types: oily, dry and sensitive. This distinction holds true in terms of Ayurveda too.  We should first understand our skin type and then choose the right facewash and face cream and most importantly be consistent in using the right facewash and cream for better results. Hebsur herbals has a range of facewash to choose from, all of which are made using the best available natural properties.

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