Time-tested investments for your Indian and Overseas earning


Enjoy High returns on your earnings through a variety of our Fixed Deposits to suit your varied needs.


If you want safe returns on your investments to boost your savings then investing in a variety of fixed deposits provided by SBM bank, if you want to freely repatriate your money and also want high returns you can invest in NRE account fixed deposit if you want to save money for your future and planning to come back to India you can choose NRO FD or NRI fixed deposits. If you want to invest your money in foreign currency you can choose FCNR deposit.


SBM bank has a variety of fixed deposits 


NRE Deposit


Invest your foreign earnings in India and enjoy lucrative returns with SBM NRE Deposit. 

  • Attractive interest rates with quarterly compounding

  • NRE account fixed deposits have flexible tenure and tax-free returns

  • NRE account interest rates are fully and freely repatriable (both principal and interest)


NRO Deposit


Invest your Indian rupee earnings and enjoy attractive returns with SBM NRO Deposit.

  • Attractive NRO fd rates with quarterly compounding

  • Flexible tenure of nro fd

  • Interest fully repatriable after payment of taxes

  • Can be jointly opened by NRIs/PIOs and Resident Indians


NRI Superia Deposit


Amplify your wealth with guaranteed higher returns on SBM NRI fixed Deposit, which is available in multiple currencies.

  • Guaranteed higher returns than NRE/FCNR Deposit

  • Tax-free returns in India and freely repatriable

  • Multiple currencies & tenures

  • Simplified documentation


FCNR Deposit


Park your foreign earnings from anywhere in the world to  FCNR deposit (Foreign Currency Non-Resident deposits) in India in the currency of your choice and enjoy attractive tax-free returns. 

  • Protection from exchange rate risk

  • Tax-free interest & principal

  • Fully and freely repatriable (both principal and interest)

  • Flexible tenure


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