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We offer reliable & hassle-free air freight shipping solutions in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu. Top Universe international air freight forwarding services are built on speed, dependability and cost-efficient solutions. 


We understand that air freight forwarding is a premium service, so we have developed a solution with the right mix of transit options, costs analysis, and shipment visibility to deliver your freight where and when you need.


Contact us today! With your delivery zip code we’ll give you a free, easy no hassle direct quote.


We evaluate your specific needs and create an air freight solution that can include:


  • Expedited and deferred options.

  • Charters for project work.

  • Shipment consolidation.

  • Pallets built to conform to the aircraft’s loading/unloading equipment.


Advantages of Air Freight Forwarding Services are as Follows:


  • Fastest Shipping Method. If you have to ship the goods within the shortest possible time to another destination then it is best to opt for air freight services.

  • Global Delivery.

  • Low Insurance Premium.

  • Less Requirement of Warehouse.

  • High Level of Security.

  • Track-able Cargo Status.


Features of Air Freight Forwarding Services are as Follows:


  • Free Cargo Quotes. A majority of the customers start with the price when they look for a shipping service.

  • Adept Documentation Process.

  • Various Shipping Options.

  • Good Packing Service.

  • Customer Service.

  • Reputable Recognition.


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