Camping in Rishikesh

Precio: 1.999 INR/Semanal

The best luxury camp in Shivpuri Rishikesh High Bank Himalayan Retreat offers maximum value packages to make your holidays a great & memorable experience for you & your families. You can choose from Camping & Rafting packages or Rejuvenation & Relaxation packages, Yoga & Ayurveda Packages, Work while you holiday packages.
Camping & Rafting packages in Rishikesh are best available at High Bank Himalayan Retreat peacefully located on the banks of Ganga amidst reserve forests of Himalayan foothills with is associate company Himalayan Adventure Holidays, a leading & pioneer Adventure Tour operators in the Himalayas. Himalayan Adventure Holidays has state of the art equipment and team of professional staff leading the trips.
Immunity boosting packages are very effective and promise you a life changing experience and transformation to your higher self where you take the modern days life at its fullest without any physical & psychosocial challenges.
Taking the package you experience a different environment full of :
Living amidst pure nature with the shipping of Himalayan birds, roar of the Ganga and sometime deep silence resonating with your deep self.
A different touch to your body when you walk on a vibrated soil, through the deep Himalayan forests along the Ganga river.
A new experience to your ears while you listen the sound of forest taking you to the silence of your soul.
A breath taking view which will force you to close your eyes to see with in.
A new taste of rich nutrient organic food grown in the High Himalayas making you lighter to fly with your new dreams and visions.
A fresh breath coming from the high Himalayas touching softly your lungs to rejuvenate the body cells.
A beginning of new rich life with your evolved consciousness not only driving you to success with health but make you guided to your destiny addressing the deeper dimensions of life.
Work on holiday packages let you work in nature with high speed internet with all above, increasing your efficiency many fold giving you higher results in your work and business.
Come and explore and new world with in ……..

Adventure Plus :

The Adventure plus package includes 02 nights stay, one main adventure activity such ad rafting, trekking, with other soft adventure in & around the camp

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