Bookkeeping and Accounting

Precio: KWD 180 / Mensual

Handling your company(Small & Medium) / Shop / Restaurant, Accounting Books,  preparation of financials

Bookkeeping & Accounting 

  • Analyze performance ratio
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Preparing the financial reports
  • Evaluating and selecting accounting applications
  • Evaluating financial performance.
  • Cash-flow management.
  • Accounting standards assessment.
  • Working and collaborating with external technical entities (auditors, banks, etc).
  • Drafting financial strategies
  • Identifying priorities of business initiatives.
  • Structuring and distribution of sources and uses of funds.

We manage your accounting department, from day to day bookkeeping, to detailed financial analysis. We’ll be by your side providing expert knowledge, leading you to make successful management decisions

Analyzing data is of utmost importance in a business. We will assist you in analyzing your financial information in a multitude of ways: Assessing the profitability, solvency, liquidity, and stability of your business, applying the various analysis method through ratios by comparing past performance along with non-financial data


Our team will do a deep dive into your company’s strategic plan. Armed with this knowledge, we will align ourselves with your business’ goals and work together as one unit to achieve them. We will set up an effective budgeting process in direct alignment with your goals.

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