Spanish lessons Tango & Argentine culture via Skype or Zoom

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Zona/Barrio: Palermo Soho

spanish online lessons + Espanol experience in Buenos Aires Music & Gastronomy experience. Lessons in Buenos Aires or online.

You can transform your computer into a virtual spanish language classroom by taking these simple steps:

create a free skype account sign up for spanish tutoring enjoy your spanish lessons, speaking and listening to native teachers!

conversation and live correction of grammar, pronunciation, lexis & idioms. exercise assignment, keeping up by e-mail, sending and recieving material periodically. homework correction.

Online spanish tutoring | exam preparation DELE exam preparation - spanish for business - interview training -regular lessons - conversation skills - new residents - children for school - new job training

We are also Malabia Home Studio Homeescasa & Experienceathome in Palermo botanico, Buenos Aires.

Classes online via Skype or Zoom.

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