Reap the Benefits of the Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets in your home harbour millions of disease-causing bacteria and germs. While vacuuming only keeps the surfaces clean, dirt and pollutants stick to the carpets and require more than vacuuming. No time to clean carpets yourself? Hire Clear & Direct Maintenance’s professional carpet cleaning services in London.

Our team comprises highly qualified and well-trained professionals who are conversant with the most effective carpet cleaning techniques and employ top-quality cleaning products and equipment. We leverage advanced carpet cleaning methods that include hot water extraction cleaning, carpet shampooing, encapsulation, dry carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning and more.

We professionally clean dirty, odorous and stained carpets to extend their lifespan, improve indoor air quality and impart a fresh look and feel. We are experienced in cleaning carpets for double/single bedroom, staircase, conference room, living and dining rooms, lounge and landing/hallway.

Dirty carpets deserve no place in your home. Call us on 0203 984 9159 and book our carpet cleaning service today.

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