Pigments Manufacturer & Exporter In India


VIBFAST Group was incorporated in 1992 by Amit Banthia at the young age of 23 with a view to grow in the field of textiles and chemicals, which were two major businesses that were to take corporate India to the next century.
Vibfast started to trade in dyestuffs for textiles and leather, with the rapid market expansion in local and overseas territories. After trading successfully in dyes, Vibfast, in the year 2005 started to manufacture Phthalocyanine Pigments and gradually took a step further to manufacture Azo, HPP, Chrome, Toner Violets, Food Colours and Ultramarine Blue Pigments.
Vibfast Pigments is a leading manufacturer of Phthalocyanine, Azo, HPP, Chrome, Toner Violets, Food Colours and Ultramarine Blue Pigments exclusively for Inks, Paints, Plastic, Textile and Rubber Industries.
Our Pigments are extensively used in various applications. Recent expansions have led to world class production capacities for Phthalocyanine pigments with 100% automation and dust free environment. We maintain our remarkable growth story by investing heavily into high technology capital equipment’s with innovative methods of production and energy conservation.
Our unmatched capabilities have made us an important supplier for various industries in a very short time. With constant innovations in pigments, improved light fastness and resistance to various chemicals and solvents, we have achieved a distinction from our various clients worldwide.


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