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Precision Equipments Ltd is one of the best Heat Exchanger manufacturer and supplier in Chennai, India, USA.Heat exchangers are manufactured by heavy industries who are having a huge place to manufacture this product. Because it covers a large area after manufacturing a heat exchanger. Here precision equipments are the leading heavy industry in manufacturing and supplying a heat exchanger through all the countries. Our Heat exchanger, can be used in several applications to transfer heat from hot to the cold fluid. This heat exchanger has the ability to transfer heat from one place to another. when the input side of the fluid increases the temperature while another side starts a cooling process. This heating and cooling process only done by the heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is used in power generation, refrigeration, vehicles, oil industries, chemical industrial process and etc. Depends on the industries and functionalities, we manufacture a heat exchanger in India. call on +91-9677255201 or 044 - 4710 0603 for more details.

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