Install High-grade Landscape Lighting in Toronto today!

Installing outdoor landscape lighting in Toronto is a crucial job and requires professional help for impressive results. At Land Con, we cater to all your whims sincerely and provide a wide range of contemporary and traditional outdoor landscape lighting designs. 


Here is a list of services we offer to our clients: 

1. Outdoor garden lighting 

2. Curb appeal lighting

3. Outdoor swimming pool lighting

4. Deck and patio lighting

5. Pathway and stairway lighting

6. Backyard and front yard lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting can transform your garden beautifully. We can help you achieve your dreams by providing a series of unique lights for your property. Our professionals will install suitable landscape lighting on your property and give you an estimate before the installation. You can check our previous projects at You can call us at 416.504.5263 for more information.

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