Looking for potential cooperation with Hedge Funds, Investme

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Looking for potential cooperation with Hedge Funds, Investment funds.
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We would like to present our model - a Cumulative Marketing Imperfection Model. The model was verified on the USA and Spain economies.
By accurately forecasting the emergence of a crisis, we offer a unique competitive advantage that allows investors to strategically position themselves before the storm hits. The lead period for recessions is 6-12 months, which enables optimization even for low-liquidity assets. In the case of financial crises, the lead period is 1-3 months.
The presence of such lead time periods is the main competitive advantage of our CMI-model of business cycles. It allows our clients not only to mitigate losses during economic crises but also to transform these challenging times into opportunities for lucrative investments.
We will be happy to discuss the opportunities of our potential cooperation either using our model for your company or selling our model for the benefit of your company.
If you are interested I can send you more information.

We can say when the upcoming recession will happen,
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