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Dipit CA offers this amazing Anthracite Grey HyperDip™ Wheel Kit at an affordable price of CA$169.99. Right out of the can, this Wheel Paint Kit is a rich, deep Satin Metallic Grey. No need for enhancers or topcoats. As far as peelable aerosol paints go, HyperDip is the most recent innovation. Even though it has been enhanced in every manner, HyperDip is still peelable like Plasti Dip. Your wheels will look brand-new thanks to HyperDip, which outperforms all other peelable paints on the market. This wheel kit contains: 5 cans of Anthracite Grey HyperDip™
PreDip Spray™ (Foaming Aerosol)
Dip Release™
Micro Fiber Towel
4 Brake Masking Bags
It includes all materials needed to dip your wheels:
✔ One Wheel Kit properly covers most wheels up to 20”
✔ Step by step video guides available
✔ Staff of DYC experts available and ready to help!
They allow you to change the color of your wheels, protect the factory finish, and peel off the dip to go back to the original color without any previous painting experience.

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