sea salts Food Grade Nacl 99.3% Fine 0-2.5 mm


Powder Salts ( Food Industry & Table Salts )
INN Name  : Sodium Chloride
Formula  : NaCl
Purity : 99.3 %
Iodine : Iodized 15-23 mg / kg salt
Color : White with the occasional Natural colored specks 1%
Packing : 25 Kg Sack
Grain Size : 0.1 mm Maximum
Moisture: Max 0.5%
Guarantee : This Product is Natural from Nature There is Natural Fluctuation of  +- 10%

Packaging & Storage:Sea Salts is available in 25Kg " Bags for Moisture Protection, to avoid caking, salts products should be stored in a dry covered area at low humidity levels below 75%

Order  25,000 Kg
Price Per 1 Kg: $0.55
Containers : 20 foot Load
Packing : 25 Kg Bags
Pallets : None
Production Time : 17 Business Days
Delivery : Ex Factory

Shipping Cost will be added

Payment :-
Based on Proforma Invoice and Bank to Bank only Wire Transfer 50% Upon Confirmation & the Balance 50% Before Shipment based on Draft Copies of Shipment Documents and if we shipping then a Draft Copies of Bill of Lading will be provided via email

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