Distributors of prickly fig seed oil

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Uses of prickly fig seed oil and its health benefits:


Prickly fig seed oil is native to Mexico and South America. It is rich in nutrients and cacti. However, it tends to be produced on a large scale in the continents of Africa, Australia, and parts of Southern Europe. Seed oil itself was transferred and imported from America to other parts of the world in the early 16th century.


In addition to its beneficial effects on human fitness and health, it is useful for livestock as well as for people suffering from drought or famine. Similarly, its use to help the victims of famine in northern Ethiopia is greatly appreciated. According to research studies, it is thanks to its extraction from tiny seeds present in the prickly fig that it can be said to have a huge resistance to the effects of aging. Above all, it is widely used in laboratories for the manufacture of drugs for several types of disorders.




- It promotes skin flexibility and is used as a moisturizer.

- It also remodels damaged skin and treats acne.

- Reduces sagging spots under the eyes.

- On the other hand, it brings sweetness and treats psoriasis and eczema.

- It also shines the radiance of the skin and encourages rejuvenation.

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