Export of prickly fig seed oil

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Prickly fig oil or also known as cactus oil or prickly fig oil is native to Mexico and North America and thanks to globalization you can now find it in South Africa, Tunisia, and Morocco. It has a slightly nutty smell and an aroma similar to argan oil or vegetable oil. The export of prickly fig seed oil

brings many benefits to people. One of the main advantages of exported prickly fig oil is the anti-aging factor.


Exported prickly fig oil is a Moroccan oil containing vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin A, sterols, minerals, stearic acid, and linoleic acid, making it an incredible oil for the skin.


Many people would choose exported prickly fig seed oil over argan oil, and rightly so, especially if we take into account the above facts.


The fact that the skin quickly absorbs the exported prickly fig seed oil speaks of itself and the quality of the oil. And thanks to the useful vitamins and minerals that the oil is composed of, you can restore elasticity.


You can for example use this oil in massage. However, you need to combine exported prickly fig seed oil with other heavy oils like avocado oil or castor oil.


Another advantage of exported prickly fig oil is that it is ideal for sensitive skins.

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