2001 boeing bbj

قیمت: 2٬806٬500 OMR

This BBJ has certified seating for sixteen (16) passengers. There are three separate cabin areas  consisting of a forward three‐section lounge, a mid‐cabin guest bedroom and closet, and an aft  stateroom. There are forward crew, forward guest, and aft stateroom lavatories, a forward  galley, and a lounge bar.    The  spacious  main  cabin  lounge  consists  of  three  seating  sections  providing  sixteen  (16)  passengers seats that are certified for occupancy during taxi, takeoff and landing. The forward  lounge section features two left‐hand single club seats opposite a three‐place L‐shaped divan  with adjacent forward‐facing single seat. The mid‐lounge section consists of a left‐hand twoplace club arrangement opposite a four‐place dining and conference group. Finally, the aft  lounge features a left‐hand four‐place L‐shaped divan opposite a bar and lots more.

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