Video Editor, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Photo editing,

قیمت: 25 GBP/Hour

Video Editor, Video Editing, Motion Graphics,

Photo editing,

Photobook creating.

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Hi , Im Ihor  ,

I do 

  1. - Video editing  
  2. - Clean up
  3. - Color grading 
  4. - Storyboard
  5. - Search for actors / Makeup / image creation - Decoration setup - Lighting setup

Software  Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop

Video File Format   MPG MP4  MOV

-I have over 10+ years of video shooting and editing experience in weddings and events. My camera is Panasonic GH5.

-I can help you with: weddings, clips, birthday photos and so many more 

-I want to work with you to make the best project possible, whether it's a quick one-off or a long-term project. My work is creative and professional,

-I always listen to customer requests about the work to be done. I love this job and I always do my job with great pleasure, responsibility, and diligence

-I can “decorate” your raw video with attractive transitions, video animation, effects, and sounds to produce an effective/dynamic/stylish/positive (whatever you decide) video. 

Fees - 25GBP -1 hour or by agreement.

For payment I use Payoneer.

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