Types of X ray machine:

X-ray machines are essential medical devices that generate detailed images of internal body structures, aiding in diagnosis and treatment. Various types of X-ray machines cater to distinct medical and industrial needs:

  1. Conventional X-ray Machines: These standard devices capture 2D images of internal structures, often detecting fractures, infections, and anomalies.

  2. Fluoroscopy Machines: Employed for real-time imaging, fluoroscopy offers continuous X-ray visuals during procedures like angiography and guided interventions.

  3. Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners: CT scanners utilize X-rays to produce cross-sectional slices, enabling 3D reconstructions for in-depth analysis of conditions such as tumors and complex fractures.

  4. Mammography Machines: Designed specifically for breast imaging, mammography aids in the detection and diagnosis of breast-related issues, including cancer.

  5. C-arm Machines: Widely used in surgeries and interventions, C-arm devices provide live X-ray imaging for procedures such as orthopedic interventions and pain management.

  6. Portable X-ray Machines: Compact and mobile, these units are indispensable in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and scenarios where patient mobility is limited.

  7. Dental X-ray Machines: Tailored for oral imaging, dental X-ray machines encompass intraoral and extraoral variants, facilitating comprehensive dental assessments.

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