Repaint Takumi Suzuka


Address : 2-1-3 Dohaku, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture 513-0823

Because it is a company run by a former craftsman, it is possible to repaint for a long time at a reasonable price. Waterproofing work and GAINA are also ... Reviews of Repaint Takumi Co., Ltd. 6. Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 514-0103.
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The Repaint Takumi Suzuka store is located 30 meters south of the Dohaku 5 intersection, opposite Green Dental (access information such as bus stops and stations). Leave it to us for exterior wall painting (outer wall remodeling) and roof painting work throughout Mie Prefecture (Suzuka City)! You can receive repainting remodeling that lasts a long time at a reasonable price because it is directly handled by the on-site craftsmen. We also handle waterproofing work and the latest heat insulating paint GAINA. From greetings to the neighborhood to construction and completion, you will not feel uneasy! If you are worried, please contact us now.

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